Davianna Green is an artist, scholar, and activist. With a Bachelors of Arts in Dance from Dean College, she co-founded BlackSpeaks. Which is an organization that empowers Black and Brown movers while bringing awareness to the betterment of their institutional community. Currently she is a MFA Candidate in Dance at The Ohio State University, where her research is centered around twenty-first century Black womanhood, sexuality, and community. She examines how Black women use themes of reclamation, activism, and visibility in performance. She also explores the continuity of Black womanhood within the African diaspora, and the similarities and differences that exist within it. Her choreographic work has  toured internationally in Brazil during the Dance Brazil study abroad cultural exchange, and domestically through schools in the Columbus area during the School Tour which are both curated by the dance department at Ohio State. She has presented her scholarship at conferences such as the Collegium of African Diaspora Dance and the International Association of Blacks in Dance. Davianna continues to make art that questions societal norms and makes space for Black women’s stories through performance.