It’s week twelve of my first semester of grad school and I can’t believe how fast it has flown by. It feels like yesterday was August and I had just moved to Ohio. This semester has flooded my brain with information, theory, laughter, tears, friendship, and questioning. More than ever before I’m in constant conversation with myself about me as a human being. I think this is a constant question for every artist. We navigate and examine the world in its current state and create work that reflects that image and encompasses our own views, interests, or agenda’s. In my opinion, this is what grad school is about, at least for a dancer. We are noticing characteristics, themes, and important concepts in our work that we want to expand and research about. That notion has been the hardest for me to grasp. Since I’ve come straight out of undergrad I’m so used to completing assignments for grades and not to focus on my personal development. It’s week twelve and I’m still fighting that urge, but it’s becoming easier day by day.



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